Supplementary material of publications

  1. Gressmann H., Linz B., Ghai R., Pleissner K.-P., Schlapbach R., Yamaoka Y., Kraft C., Suerbaum S., Meyer T.F., Achtman M.
    Gain and loss of multiple genes during the evolution of Helicobacter pylori
    PLoS GENETICS 2005 Oct;1(4):e43.

  2. Jens Mattow, Ilja Demuth, Gisela Haeselbarth, Peter R. Jungblut, Joachim Klose
    Selenium-binding protein 2, the major hepatic target for acetaminophen, shows sex differences in protein abundance
    Electrophoresis 2006, 27:1683-1691.

  3. Jens Mattow, Frank Siejak, Kristine Hagens, Frank Schmidt, Christian Koehler, Achim Treumann, Ulrich E. Schaible, Stefan H. Kaufmann
    Efficient enrichment of integral plasma membrane proteins of mycobacteria
    Figure S1. 1-D SDS-PAGE bands analyzed by MS/MS (pdf-file)
    Figure S2. 2-DE spots analyzed by MS/MS (pdf-file)
    Figure S3. Isoelectric points and masses of the identified proteins (pdf-file)
    Figure S4. Relation between the number of TMD and GRAVY of mycobacterial proteins (pdf-file)
    Figure S5. GRAVY scores of the identified proteins (pdf-file)
    Legends of the Supplementary Figures (pdf-file)
    Table S1. Applied MS search parameters (pdf-file)
    Table S2. Detailed MS results of the 1-D SDS-PAGE-based proteome analysis (xls-file)
    Table S3. Detailed MS results of the 2-DE-based proteome analysis (xls-file)

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