Proteome 2D-PAGE Database - Software Tools

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Scanning the gel, editing the spots and saving the information
Fragmentation of the gel image into sections
MS-Screener© Perl script to compare the similarity of MALDI-PMF peaklists
MS-Screener© update MS-Screener can be used to compare mass spectra (MALDI-MS(/MS) as well as ESI-MS/MS spectra) on the basis of their peak lists (.dta, .pkm, .pkt, or .txt files), to recalibrate mass spectra, to determine and eliminate exogenous contaminant peaks, and to create matrices for cluster analyses. Please contact:
Dr. R.Stein
(Database curator)
GelCali© Online calibration of the Mr- and pI-axis of 2-DE gels with mathematical regression methods

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