Heart High-Performance 2-DE Database

Heart High-Performance 2-DE Database contains about 3300 proteins of ventricle resolved by large gels (23 cm x 30 cm x 0.075 cm). Proteins were detected by silver staining. 2-DE patterns were evaluated by the TopSpot software package. The database includes the carefully examined data published in 1994 (1), new entries of proteins identified in our lab (2), and proteins identified by comparison with other 2-DE heart databases. The identification of proteins was improved by combination of N-terminal and internal sequencing, amino acid analysis, immunostaining, MALDI-MS peptide mass fingerprinting, post source decay MALDI-MS, and ladder sequencing by carboxypeptidase P.

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List of identified proteins

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History of this database and acknowledgements

Database update: November 14th, 1996

3300 spots, 147 identified protein species

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Since March 2007 the database is hosted at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology.

Modifications: Jan 14, 1997 and March 15, 2007

The database was developed by Dr. Eva-Christina Mueller

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